COVID-19 Status Update

The spread of COVID-19 is on all our minds and we hope this message finds you well. The purpose of this message is to reassure you that Cortina Productions remains fully operational and well prepared to continue to meet your needs during this crisis.

We have activated our disaster strategy that enables virtually all staff members to be fully productive from remote locations. This strategy means outfitting each staff member with all of the equipment and software they need to carry out the full scope of their jobs from home. At the department level, each director has implemented the following provisions so we can remain fully operational for the weeks to come:


Producing staff will continue to conduct meetings and reviews with you via screen share, video conference, and teleconference. We will utilize Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting for internal team collaboration as well as client and partner meetings.


Our designers have full access to all software and design files to continue our interactive design work as scheduled.

Programming & Testing

Our software development team has remote access to our programming servers and we are continuing with software development as scheduled. Our quality assurance, testing, and maintenance service will remain fully operational as usual.

Editing & Animation

Our editors have brought home their edit machines and have remote access to our storage area network. Our editing and animation work is continuing as scheduled.

Thank you for your time and attention. We know this is a particularly difficult time for museums around the world, and we are here to support our museum clients and partners who provide so much to our communities.