The Hermitage Celebrates Andrew Jackson’s 250th Birthday with New Introductory Film

On March 15, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee unveiled their new introductory film. A part of The Hermitage’s weeklong celebration of Andrew Jackson’s 250th Birthday, the 14-minute film features period art, interviews with notable Jackson experts, and live action sequences recreating important moments in Andrew Jackson’s presidency.

In keeping with the Andrew Jackson Foundation’s mission to “preserve the home of Andrew Jackson, create educational opportunities, and inspire citizenship through learning about his life and unique impact on American history,” the film acquaints visitors with what they need to know about Andrew Jackson before they continue to explore the rest of the exhibit and historical site.

Touching on both the highs and lows of Jackson’s life, the film covers everything from his role in keeping the Union together during the South Carolina nullification crisis and his Native American policies to his love for his wife.


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