New Broad Discovery Center

The new Broad Discovery Center, part of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, opens with a special public preview event October 3-6 during the Cambridge Science Festival. The Broad Discovery Center is a free educational exhibit that informs the general public how scientists and researchers are tackling current challenges in biomedicine, including understanding diseases and developing innovative treatments.

Cortina Productions worked with the Broad Institute, CambridgeSeven Associates, Electrosonic, Eos Lightmedia, Mystic Scenic Studios, and Natalie Zanecchia Design to design engaging exhibits and interactives that tell the important story of scientific research and biological advancements related to psychiatric conditions, cancer, infectious diseases, and more. Targeted towards high school students and adults, the exhibits allow visitors to explore digital touchscreens and hear from experts as they learn about the research and discoveries that scientists are currently making. The interactives can be updated by Broad staff using our custom content management system, keeping the exhibits recent and the public informed with new developments and strategies.

“Modern biomedical science, in Kendall Square and beyond, is collaborative. It requires everyone — researchers, physicians, patients, and more — working closely together, sharing data and knowledge,” said Todd Golub, director of the Broad Institute. “The Broad Discovery Center showcases these amazing stories and the insights that are transforming the way we approach human disease.”

By adding media and vibrant graphics to the Broad Discovery Center, the exhibits especially appeal to a younger audience – the future generation. Interactives allow visitors of all ages to directly engage with the content and examine how diversity of roles and perspectives are contributing to advancements in biomedicine. Highlights include the four Points of View stations throughout the galleries, which invites visitors to hear from different perspectives related to the research and treatment of a specific disease and the Ask a Broadie interactive, which enables visitors to learn about the many types of scientists that work with the Broad Institute by selecting from a variety of questions to ask them. With digital media, the exhibits come to life with real stories and people who are working to change the world.

“Understanding these fundamental mysteries and challenges in science is important for all audiences, especially as we look to inspire the next generation of scientists,” said Fabiola Alikpokou, a project planner with the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority and community advisor to the Broad Discovery Center. “The Discovery Center is an exciting place for visitors to learn about human health and disease, and I look forward to the value it will bring to our local neighborhoods.”

After the Cambridge Science Festival, the Broad Discovery Center will open to the public on a regular basis beginning Monday, October 31. For more information, please visit:

Photos: credit Gretchen Ertl