New Judicial Learning Center in West VA

The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia recently opened a new Learning Center. Featuring engaging and interactive learning opportunities, the Center is an innovative education experience for students and public visitors to learn about West Virginia judiciary policies and procedures.

“Our new Judicial Learning Center demonstrates our commitment to educating all West Virginians about the judicial branch of government,” states Chief Justice Beth Walker. “From young children to adults, everyone will walk away with more knowledge about how our state courts work.”

Working with the West Virginia Courts and exhibit designer HealyKohler, Cortina Productions designed and produced three interactive experiences for the Learning Center. After reviewing and admiring our work at the Colorado Judicial Learning Center, West Virginia Supreme Court knew that they wanted to incorporate similar interactives in their education center. Through a highly collaborative process, we determined three experiences that would best inform visitors about the court system, judiciary careers, and the process of a trial. Through engaging animated visuals, original footage of court officials, and game-based experiences, visitors learn about the important concepts of the court system.

“I can’t wait for students who visit the Capitol to see the new Judicial Learning Center,” comments Walker. “It’s a fun and unique combination of traditional displays and digital education. Maybe we will inspire a young person to consider a career path toward the judicial branch.”


Project Team:
Media Design and Production by Cortina Productions
Exhibit Design by HealyKohler
Fabrication and AV System Integration by Exhibit Concepts Inc.

Photos Courtesy of J. Alex Wilson, Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia.