Jen Fetsch

Creative Director / Senior Producer

Jen is an experienced award-winning producer and writer who has designed, written, produced, and directed programming for museums and cultural centers over the past twenty years. At Cortina Productions, Jen found her calling in transforming historical and educational content into engaging and emotionally powerful stories. She is adept at both media design and production, and specializes in content research, scriptwriting, shoot planning and coordination, and directing for a wide array of media experiences. Through every step of the design and production process, Jen works collaboratively alongside esteemed clients, renowned subject-matter experts, industry partners, and her fellow teammates in the creation of diverse media experiences that often focus on the interpretation of historical topics and events. The diversity of content is a perk of the job which she equates to feeling like a perpetual grad school student.

Jen graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in History.