Interactive Video Software

Cortina Productions is proud to launch this ready-to-use interactive video software which allows for museum staff to quickly deliver video content. Add video to your existing or new exhibits, augment an artifact display with digital stories, and keep content fresh for your visitors.


Software Features

• Custom modification of graphics to match your style guide.

• Organize videos by filters and highlight featured videos.

• Responsive layout conforms to landscape, portrait, tablet, HD, 4K and mobile displays.

• Provide supplemental text content for each video.

• One year warranty and tech support. (Affordable extended warranty options available.)

• Provide display language selection for multilingual audiences.

• Add multiple video files per entry for additional languages and audio description.

• Supports WebVTT for captions and subtitles.

• Screen reader and keypad control compatible.

Content Management & Analytics

• Easy to use content management system (CMS) allows updating and managing of video, text, and filter options.

• Includes two hour CMS training.

• Built-in software analytics provide reports on number of users, videos watched, and dwell time.


• Hardware: Tablet or PC with touchscreen

• Operating System: Windows10

• Video format: MP4 preferred

• Hardware and kiosk fabrication not included.

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