Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta History Center constructed a new wing to house the 1864 "Battle of Atlanta" cyclorama. Spanning 49 feet tall and over 370 feet wide, the hand-painted cyclorama was created as a form of entertainment; as the IMAX of its time. Cortina Productions was brought in to help interpret the 133-year history behind the cyclorama by creating a film to be projected onto the painting’s curved surface. The 12-minute film depicts the cyclorama’s history and emotional responses it has evoked. Cortina Productions also produced a three-minute introductory film for outside the cyclorama rotunda, which compliments the cyclorama film by exploring how a cyclorama's dramatic depiction of a historic event can influence our perception of history, just like modern-day photographs and films.

Media Design & Production by Cortina Productions
Exhibit Design by Shibui Design
Exhibit Fabrication by Malone Design/Fabrication
Exhibit AV Integration by Avyve
Cyclorama Diorama Design by DCA Architects
Cyclorama Diorama Fabrication by Building Four Fabrication and Joseph Lazzari
Cyclorama AV Integration by CEI

Project Highlights

1 Signature Film
1 Intro Film