International African American Museum

The International African American Museum (IAAM) is in Charleston, South Carolina on the site of Gadsden’s Wharf, where more than 40% of all American slaves disembarked after their forced journey from Africa to America. The African American Museum explores cultures and knowledge systems retained and adapted by Africans in the Americas, and the diverse journeys and achievements of these individuals and their descendants in South Carolina, the United States, and throughout the African Diaspora. In close coordination with IAAM curatorial, scholar and advisory teams, Cortina Productions designed and produced 37 media exhibits that share a global perspective of the African and African American journey.

Images: © Sahar Coston-Hardy/Esto. All rights reserved.

Media Design and Production by Cortina Productions
Exhibit Design by Ralph Appelbaum Associates
AV Systems by JCI

Project Highlights

17 Videos
13 Media as Artifact
4 Interactives
3 Audioscapes