International Spy Museum

The new International Spy Museum in Washington, DC opened its doors to the public on May 12th, 2019. Covering a wide range of topics related to espionage and the history of spies, the museum also incorporates a personalized visitor experience that uses Ultra-High Frequency RFID to place the visitors in the center of their own spy mission. The “Undercover Mission” personalization experience is interwoven throughout the spycraft skills interactives and provides several easter egg opportunities for visitors to connect to their mission narrative. At the end of the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to receive a personalized debrief of how they performed during their mission. Along with the personalization system, Cortina Productions produced 16 interactives and 7 films for the museum. These experiences include an intro film narrated by Morgan Freeman and a multiplayer interactive which places visitors in the decision-making seat during a cyber attack.

Exhibit Design by Gallagher & Associates
Media Production by Gallagher Media and Cortina Productions
AV Integration by Electrosonic
Fabrication by Kubik Maltbie
RFID by Stark RFID
Lighting Design by Available Light

Project Highlights

16 Interactives
7 Films