Kansas City Royals

The Royals Hall of Fame Museum, located in the historic Kauffman Stadium, begins with a 15-minute signature film in Dugout Theater produced by Cortina Productions. Visitors make their way to the theater by walking down a concrete corridor and taking a seat on a 40’ long bench in a simulated Royals dugout. In front of them is a 36-foot by nine-foot projection surface onto which four projectors deliver a single, edge-blended image. The award-winning story of baseball in Kansas City then unfolds through wonderful highlight footage and interviews with players, fans, managers, and owners. Bringing a “fourth dimension” to this immersive experience are scent cannons that provide the smells of popcorn and fresh grass and a 5.1 surround sound system complete with butt kicker speakers for low-frequency sound effects.

Architecture & Exhibit Design by Populous
AV Systems Design and Integration by Edwards Technologies