Mount Vernon Place – Virtual Tour

For its bicentennial, the Washington Monument in Baltimore, MD underwent a number of renovations before being rededicated and reopened on July 4, 2015. As part of the renovations, Cortina Productions created a virtual tour for the Monument. On two interactive kiosks that support the virtual tour, visitors are able to explore the history of the site and explore the Monument. Through high-resolution photos, detailed illustrations, and maps visitors can experience the 180-foot tower from its foundation stones to the statue of George Washington perched at its highest point. 360ยบ photography gives visitors a view from the monument's balcony without having to climb the 227 steps to the top.

A web version of the interactive experience is also available on Mount Vernon Place Conservancy's website.

Exhibit Design by MFM Design
AV Hardware by HP Electronics
Construction by CVM Next Construction