National Comedy Center

The National Comedy Center, the first nonprofit cultural institution dedicated to celebrating the art of comedy, is one of the most personalized museums in the country. When visitors first enter the Center, they receive an RFID-enabled “Laugh Band” and are asked to select some of their favorite comedians, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and cartoons. The visitor’s selections are used to establish their own sense of humor profile, which tailors the content of the exhibits to the visitor’s taste. Topics range from sitcoms and late night talk shows to the humor of George Carlin and Lenny Bruce. The Center’s exhibits provide a complete overview of comedy in America and span a timeline from the Vaudeville era, in the late 19th century, to today’s viral internet memes.

Cortina Productions worked with Jack Rouse Associates and the National Comedy Center to create 30 interactive experiences for the Center. Project highlights include “Comedy Continuum,” a 60-foot-wide touch wall that allows visitors to explore the interconnectedness of the comedy industry using a new, innovative form of touch technology. “Laugh Battle” is an interactive that allows visitors to face-off and see who can make their opponent laugh while utilizing facial recognition software to auto-detect the laugh and score the point. “Stand-Up Lounge” is an exhibit that analyzes the sense of humor profile of each visitor in the space to display a comedy routine that caters to everyone. “Prop Stars” is an interactive table that recognizes a collection of physical props and explores how they have been used in comedy across generations.

Exhibit Design by Jack Rouse Associates
A/V Integration by Electrosonic
Exhibit Fabrication by Adirondack Studios
Video Content provided by Herzog & Co.

Project Highlights

30 Interactives