South Carolina Historical Society Museum

Located within the Fireproof Building - a National Historic Landmark in Charleston, South Carolina - the South Carolina Historical Society Museum combines the state’s largest and oldest archive with interactive exhibits to showcase South Carolina’s rich history, culture, and arts. Cortina Productions worked with the South Carolina Historical Society to produce four interactive exhibits and a signature film for the new museum.

Interactive exhibits focus on telling the personal stories of people who played major roles in South Carolina’s history as well as the eras and cultural movements that shaped the state. In the "Animated Portraits" interactive, visitors hear from four historical figures in South Carolina during the Civil War and Reconstruction era. In the interactive map table, "Changing Landscapes," visitors explore four early maps of Charleston and the state that reflect how landscapes and migration patterns have changed over time.

The signature film, "Charleston Renaissance," is projected onto one of the building's original arches. Through archival footage and original interviews with historians, the film explores the time between the two World Wars in which the Charleston arts scene blossomed.

Exhibit Design by HealyKohler
Exhibit Fabrication by 1220 Exhibits

Project Highlights

4 Interactives
1 Film