Tennessee State Museum

With over 187,000 square feet, the new Tennessee State Museum provides ample space for visitors to explore the artifacts, films, and interactive exhibits that illustrate the multifaceted story of Tennessee. Cortina Productions created three films, three interactives, and three soundscapes to help achieve the museum’s goal of creating a more interactive space wherein visitors can choose how they want to learn.

Cortina’s interactive exhibits help tell the story of Tennessee during the early days of the United States. In the Sam Watkins interactive touch wall, visitors hear about eight Civil War battles from a life-sized actor-portrayal of Sam Watkins, a writer and Confederate soldier. The interactive table “No County Untouched” illustrates the scope and consequences of Civil War battles throughout the state. For Tennesseans, the interactive helps personalize the war by allowing visitors to explore battles in their home city or county. In the “Broken Treaties” interactive touch wall, visitors learn how early European migration impacted the indigenous Indian tribes that called the land of Tennessee home.

Cortina Productions also produced the introductory films for two of the museum’s permanent exhibits, "Forging a Nation" and "Civil War and Reconstruction." Both films use archival imagery and voice actors portraying historical figures to depict European migrants’ expansion west and provide first-person accounts of monumental civil war battles.

Exhibit Design by Gallagher and Associates
Exhibit Fabrication and AV Systems by D&P

Project Highlights

3 Films
3 Interactives
3 Soundscapes