George Washington’s Mount Vernon – Be Washington: It’s Your Turn To Lead

The “Be Washington” interactive theater at George Washington’s Mount Vernon invites visitors to step into Washington’s shoes and experience first-hand, four historical scenarios that Washington faced as both General and President. The interactive theater, designed to be reminiscent of Congress Hall in Philadelphia, features a 30 foot, 6k LED wall screen and 18 touchscreen desks that enable guests to interact with the films. Program host Christopher Jackson, who played George Washington in the musical Hamilton, guides visitors through each of the scenarios. Visitors are able to quickly consult some of Washington’s most trusted advisers and rate their agreement with each advisor. Each scenario ends by asking visitors how they would resolve the situation and lets them compare their choice against that of George Washington’s. A web version of the “Be Washington” experience was also created for classroom use.

Exhibit Design by Gallagher and Associates
Exhibit Fabrication by Solomon Group