Redesigned Audubon Insectarium and Aquarium Reopens

The newly redesigned Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans now houses under one roof both the Audubon Nature Institute’s Aquarium and Insectarium. The two experiences are connected by a new 2,500 square foot lobby, which represents the Audubon Nature Institute as a whole, highlighting its conservation initiatives, mission, and celebration of the natural world.  

Cortina Productions worked with exhibit designer Cambridge Seven Associates (C7A), architects Eskew Dumez Ripple (EDR), and the Audubon leadership team on the experience design, storyline, and production of digital media exhibits. These exhibits include a large-scale film in the new lobby designed to celebrate the beauty of nature and the conservation work of the Audubon Institute, an immersive interactive wall about the amazing migration of the monarch butterflies, and the synchronous fireflies of the Great Smokey Mountains. In addition, Cortina produced an additional 20 digital media exhibits ranging from game-based interactives, educational videos, soundscapes, and content management system-based digital signage. We collaborated closely with Audubon’s entomologists at every step of the process to help visitors better understand and appreciate the critical role insects play in the environment from pollination to healthy soil, to the food web. 

“Combining technology with the natural beauty of the animals in our care offers innovative experiences for our guests,” said Higinio Covarrubias, director of husbandry at Audubon’s downtown facilities. “There is a large motion reactive display wall that uses the latest interactive technology to bring images of butterflies and lightning bugs to life and reacts as people walk near.” 

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Project Team:
Media Design & Production by Cortina Productions
Exhibit Design by Cambridge Seven Associates (C7A)
Graphics by Natalie Zanecchia
Exhibit Fabrication & AV Systems by 1220 Exhibits
Lighting Design by EOS LightMedia
Architecture by Eskew Dumez Ripple (EDR)