The New American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

In October, the Yorktown Victory Center debuted their new introductory film, permanent exhibition galleries, and their new museum name. Now known as the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, the finishing touches to the final exhibition will continue until their official launch and grand opening celebration in March 23 – April 4, 2017.

We are excited and proud to be involved with this museum to help tell the complex and rich stories of our country’s Revolutionary heritage. A few of our highlights include the museum’s introductory film titled Liberty Fever; an immersive special effects theater with wrap around screen called Siege Theater; Personal Stories of the Revolution interactive; the Battle Game interactive which lets visitors reenact historical battles; an interactive that shows the legacy of the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights through stylized comic book scenarios; and a mobile app that lets visitors choose among four tours from the perspective of Patriots, Loyalists, women or children.

Cortina Productions was proud to collaborate on the design and production of these multimedia exhibit experiences with the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, exhibit designer Gallagher & Associates, exhibit fabricator D&P, and AV systems integrator Whitlock.

You can follow the museum’s transformation at American Revolution Museum at Yorktown in Progress.

Filming the American Revolution

Visual effects filming for the American Museum at Yorktown’s introductory film entitled “Liberty Fever.”

Production Shoot American Revolution

Original filming in the middle of a battle on a Stedicam rig and one of our Red Dragon 6K cameras.


Cortina Productions crew films action sequences for the introductory film, “Liberty Fever.”

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