Making of an American Army

Our new film produced for the National Museum of the U.S. Army tells the miraculous story of how citizen soldiers from the 13 disparate American colonies were transformed into a professional and united Continental Army that defeated the British and secured our country’s independence from the King of England. This eight-minute film focuses on the Battle of Yorktown,and the actions surrounding Redoubt #10. The film production included the following:

  • Researching and constructing a full-scale replica of Redoubt #10
  • A live-action recreation of the battle for Redoubt #10, including a minute-by-minute breakdown of the assault
  • A computer animated recreation of a panoramic view of the siege at Yorktown, including the British works and Yorktown as it appeared in 1781
  • A recreation of the Yorktown surrender ceremony and the formation of allied troops along the Hampton Road
  • Detailed research of uniforms, equipment, and weaponry for units involved in the assault on Redoubt #10