Cortina Productions Receives Two MUSE Awards for 2019

Cortina Productions is excited to announce the receipt of two MUSE awards for the National Comedy Center’s interactive “Laugh Battle” and the National Soccer Hall of Fame’s “Facial Recognition Personalization Software.” The Media and Technology MUSE Awards from the American Alliance of Museums recognize outstanding achievement in museum media. Selected by an international group of industry professionals, the awards celebrate scholarship, community, innovation, creativity, education, and inclusiveness. Categories range from interactive kiosks to film and computer animation and offer four award levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention.

In collaboration with the dedicated and talented teams at the National Comedy Center and the National Soccer Hall of Fame, Cortina Productions is honored to be a part of these award-winning projects.

The free MUSE Awards ceremony and champagne reception will take place at the American Alliance of Museums’ 2019 Annual Conference on Monday, May 29th from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Marriott New Orleans. The award levels will be announced at the ceremony.

Laugh Battle – National Comedy Center

“Laugh Battle” is an interactive game that allows visitors to experience the challenges and joys of telling a successful joke by facing-off to see who can make their opponent laugh. This experience utilizes facial recognition and artificial intelligence to determine when a visitor laughs. To make the experience even more engaging, “Laugh Battle” is integrated into the National Comedy Center’s overall intelligent technology personalization system that enables visitors to create their own sense of humor profile that adapts and influences content as the visitor moves through the different galleries. This technology allows the interactive to feed jokes to players that are targeted specifically to their opponent’s sense of humor. This experience was sponsored by Microsoft and incorporates their AI facial recognition program.

To learn more about this experience and the technology it uses, read: The Interactive Technology Behind the National Comedy Center.  

Facial Recognition Personalization Software – National Soccer Hall of Fame

The “Facial Recognition Personalization Software” at the National Soccer Hall of Fame provides visitors with a completely seamless personalized museum experience. During registration, visitors create a profile by selecting their favorite teams, position on the pitch, and level of soccer fandom. Utilizing facial recognition and gaze detection technology, the National Soccer Hall of Fame’s 15 interactive exhibits incorporate the facial recognition technology to recognize guests as they approach and tailor the content to the visitor’s taste. Through the interactives, visitors can build their dream US National Team, design their own MLS kits, create a scarf that can be printed on-site, and test their soccer skills with gesture-based technology and virtual reality.