Fisheries Collapse Wins at the 2018 Jackson Hole Science Media Awards

Cortina Productions is excited to share that Fisheries Collapse, an interactive table experience at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, has been selected as the winner of the Interactive Category at the 2018 Jackson Hole Science Media Awards. The Jackson Hole Science Media Awards celebrate media that best conveys the wonders of science to public audiences. The Interactive Award is given to the project that best integrates the interactive potential of media to advance understanding of science and scientific principles.

Fisheries Collapse allows guests to take command of a commercial fishing vessel and asks, “Can you fish sustainably?” Played against the backdrop of a dynamically animated ocean environment containing coral reefs and realistically swimming marine life, this game challenges guests to balance commercial interests with environmental protection.

Four commercially important fish species swim in schools across the digital seascape while five players drive their boats in pursuit. Players select whether to fish with nets or lines and learn the impacts of both on fish populations and the environment. If players begin to overfish a species, various regulations are introduced for a group vote.  At the end of each game, a scoring summary is presented that calculates the fish species caught, earnings, and sustainability rating and awards the player with the highest sustainability rating.

Congratulations to the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science on this fantastic achievement!