Be Washington wins TEA Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement

Cortina Productions is proud to announce that Be Washington: It’s Your Turn to Lead, the interactive decision theater at George Washington’s Mount Vernon was awarded a Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement. The Thea awards recognize themed entertainment and experience design projects that create compelling educational, historical, and entertaining experiences throughout the world. We are honored to be a part of the team to help bring this ambitious project to life.

Be Washington is an excellent example of bringing historical education to life in a present-time environment” -Thea Committee

Be Washington invites visitors to step into Washington’s shoes and experience first-hand, four historical scenarios that Washington faced as both General and President. The interactive theater features a 30 foot, 6k LED wall and 18 touchscreen desks that enable guests to interact with the films. Visitors are able to quickly consult some of Washington’s most trusted advisers and rate their agreement with each advisor. Each scenario ends by asking visitors how they would resolve the situation and lets them compare their choice against that of George Washington’s.