Geek Mom writes about Mount Vernon's Spy Adventure App

“Our kids get really excellent interactive apps these days. Take, for example, the Agent 711 Revolutionary Spy Adventure at Mount Vernon. Y’all, that thing is magic.”  – Karen Walsh, Geek Mom
Mount Vernon’s Agent 711: Revolutionary Spy Adventure App takes visitors across the estate as they seek to solve various challenges in service to George Washington and his spy ring. Mount Vernon’s goals for the app were to engage families in a fun activity, enlighten visitors about spycraft during the American Revolution, and encourage active exploration of the estate grounds. Working in partnership with George Washington’s Mount Vernon to reach these goals, it is exciting to see the Cortina Productions’ designed Spy Adventure App featured on parenting, technology, and culture blog: Geek Mom. 

Discovered on a hot summer day in Virginia, Walsh found the app to be a good source of entertainment after a long car ride. “These kinds of apps are making history insanely fun for both kids and their parents. I don’t have to wheedle my child into meandering through the obscene Virginia summer heat to see all the different parts of the museum,” writes Walsh.

You can find Walsh’s post at  Mount Veron’s ‘Agent 711: Revolutionary Spy Adventure’