SXSWedu PanelPicker - Vote for the 49ers STEM Education Program!

The San Francisco 49ers Museum has put together a proposal for SXSWedu 2017 called How 49ers Use Football to Inspire STEM Learning. Focused on sharing how “the 49ers STEM Education Program provides 60,000 K-8 Bay Area students each year with an interdisciplinary facilitation of STEM,” the talk will be a great addition to the March event.

As producers of multiple interactive, film and audio experiences for the San Francisco 49ers Museum, Cortina Productions is proud to have been involved in the creation of the Denise DeBartolo York Education Center.  A part of the San Francisco 49ers unique education initiative, the Education Center is a learning lab for STEM education that uses multi-touch, object recognition tables to embrace the values of core curriculum in a uniquely engaging and memorable way.

As the 49ers’ proposal states on the SXSW PanelPicker, “by using football as a learning platform in an informal education setting, the 49ers have been able to create relevancy and develop scenario-based activities that provide opportunities for students to learn how to take initiative and responsibility, build their confidence and solve problems in teams.”

Interested in seeing the San Francisco 49ers at SXSW in 2017? Go to the SXSW PanelPicker now to vote until September 2, 2016.