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Media Design, Interactive, Multi-Screen Video, Experience Design, Film, Video

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Cortina Productions

About Us

We are media designers. Art is our lens, story drives our approach, and technology is our tool.

Through the fusion of artistry, content and technology we render the word to the story, the story to the medium, the medium to the space.

Whether for a museum, television, or the web, we let your story tell us how it wants to be told. Collaborating with you to blend story and technology into a single artistic vision.

Our Approach

At Cortina Productions, our approach is collaborative and content driven. We work with you on multiple levels to let the story inspire the translation, the translation produce the media design, and the media design determine the technology. We provide story translation for all media formats, including Hi-Def, film, television, interactive exhibits, and the web. From a single monitor to multiple screens, Cortina Productions develops technological avenues for expression. We have a work process that is structured enough to stay on task, on time, and on budget. Our experience allows us to anticipate possible challenges and create solutions in a timely manner.

Contact Info

Cortina Productions, Inc.
6623-A Old Dominion Drive
McLean, VA 22101
Tel: 703-556-8481
Fax: 703-847-9694